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Expressive Arts Programs


Various opportunities to experience Expressive Arts programs led by Sheri Gundry through Art With A Heart Inc. www.artwithaheart.ca www.sherigundrytherapist.ca

Distracted by Abstraction


Playful and explorative classes in acrylics using various mediums and textures to create abstract art. Classes usually grouped in 8 classes per session. Next session Spring 2016 Facilitator Sheri Gundry sheri@artwithaheart.ca Classes in Whitby

Modern Batik Classes


Modern Batik Classes with Artist/Facilitator Sheri Gundry available at a beginner, intermediate, advanced level at Studio in Whitby email sheri@reachingintoheaven.com if you are interested or call 905-439-7339

Prophetic Art

Please download the flyer for more information.

Modern Batik Art

2007 was a year of discovery for this artist. Having spent months in 2007 with David Kibuuka, an internationally acclaimed Ugandan artist teaching Modern Batik Art, Sheri has moved through the beginner, intermediate, advanced, and masters level instruction in this quickly emerging art expression. Both Henry Lumu and David Kibuuka made the breakthroughs in this medium using a combination of traditional batik concepts, and newer elements. These newer elements were discovered and honed by these influential brothers from Uganda. They became part of East Africa’s modern art movement, along with a close knit group of other artists.

Kibuuka helps artists discover movement, depth, toning and shaded hues, and mosaic textures through this new application to Batik. Kibuuka’s goal is to see many artists equipped to use and teach Modern Batik Art workshops, all over the world. Knowing his own limitations, but wanting to see this medium emerge and flourish in the contemporary art scene, David is presently training up a handful of skilled artists to be able to go forth and establish this medium locally, and worldwide.

Adding this to her portfolio, Sheri is excited to be underway herself, making advancements in the Modern Batik Technique. Incorporating this new expression and medium into her artistic vocabulary takes Sheri into a new phase of her own development, and creative expression, adding a greater depth and dimension to her work. A number of her batik pieces were accepted into numerous juried exhibitions in the Durham Region in 2007/2008. Currently, she is represented in a batik series called Rivers of Life at Meta4 Gallery in Port Perry.

With encouragement and endorsement from David Kibuuka, Sheri has taken the skills she has learned, and honed to a new level, and began to offer workshops to youth and adults in the Durham Region. 2007/2008 was an exciting year and a good number of students went on to great success with their ongoing accomplishments in using Modern Batik Art to expand their portfolios and artistic vocabulary as well.

Sheri continues to release an ongoing and expanding work in the Modern Batik technique, and continues to teach others through this wonderfully creative, and versatile medium.

Feel free to contact Sheri to discuss the potential, and set up a workshop in your location, or privately at Sheri’s home studio. Workshops are available on an individual basis or group basis. Ask about group discounts and incentives.

Where to Find Sheri

Mar 11, 2015

Transformation & Change Revisited

Pieces still remaining in series that travelled across Durham Region being showcased at Art With A Heart Inc. Gallery Space - 209 Dundas Street East, Lower Level Units 1 & 2, Whitby, ON, L1N 7H8 Limited hours - call 905-493-5955 or email info@artwithaheart.ca Special pricing

Feb 2, 2015

Their Opportunity Minor Sports Charity

I have a few pieces being showcased at Their Opportunity Minor Sports Charity Oshawa Head Office Location

Feb 2, 2015


Multiple pieces of art showing at BLYTH WHITBY for an indefinite period of time. Tour campus, see my art! Great school!

Feb 2, 2015

Rouge Valley Health Ajax

Show running until SPRING 2016, 2 pieces in group show at Rouge Valley Ajax Hospital. 3 pieces sold, in last two shows from 2015

Recent Blog Entries

Understand the world through art


great quote from Vivienne Westwood: “In the pursuit of art, you will discover the genius of the human race and you’ll start to understand the world you live in.”

The Art of Change


What does this have to do with art you ask? It has everything to do with the art of transition, with the art of living differently, the art of seeing things differently, the art of recognizing others, with the art of creative living in collaboration

Hibernation and Persistence


It is always inspiring to see the youth have no fear to enter in with new mediums and ideas and create without hesitation...They inspire me to be creative at the very least, to fearlessly try new things. The inspire me to be willing to fail in the process while opening new pathways of expression. I hope that the youth begin to see their own value and worth, and how worthwhile it is for us to work with them and

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