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Expressive Arts Programs


Various opportunities to experience Expressive Arts programs led by Sheri Gundry through Art With A Heart Inc. www.artwithaheart.ca www.sherigundrytherapist.ca

Distracted by Abstraction


Playful and explorative classes in acrylics using various mediums and textures to create abstract art. Classes usually grouped in 8 classes per session. Next session Spring 2016 Facilitator Sheri Gundry sheri@artwithaheart.ca Classes in Whitby

Modern Batik Classes


Modern Batik Classes with Artist/Facilitator Sheri Gundry available at a beginner, intermediate, advanced level at Studio in Whitby email sheri@reachingintoheaven.com if you are interested or call 905-439-7339

Prophetic Art

This site is about Artistic Expression, Creativity of many kinds, Creative Communities, and Prophetic Art (which is the "ART" of hearing through the Spirit and finding an effective way to interpret and impart that vision through an artistic expression so that others can share in the spiritual communication).

Art is not just the technical ability to draw, but more the ability to see something and to translate it in a way for others to experience!

Much time and love has been put into the work you see on this site. We hope you enjoy it.

Sheri Gundry on Art, Healing, God...and more

What is art?
Is it the visual expression of a memory, an emotion, a person/place/thing, or an action as interpreted by the artist or seer?

It may not be an exact simile of what is being portrayed because it is being filtered through the complete person (the artist) at that place in time, including all of his/her experiences, emotions, and thoughts. In my opinion, you cannot separate the artist from their expression of that moment in time because of the fact that they bring all of their being into that moment also.

Does technical ability affect a painting?
The technical ability including brush handling, drawing ability, etc of the artist will definitely change how a picture is executed. The more exposure a person has to various mediums and techniques, the more the artist brings with them to the table that is able to be utilized to create a particular vision. Some mediums may be able to create a particular vision better than others. The medium may be chosen to fit the vision.

All that being said, you could have a person, even a child, using elements and materials they have never used before perfectly and fully express the moment, whether sad, joyful, or mundane, and they may have done it so completely, that the voyeur/audience “gets it”.

How do you define perfection in communication through art?
Somehow, perfection in art to me would be the recipient of the communication, for the briefest of moments, “getting” the thoughts/feelings/point of view of the artist – transcending even our own flesh – definitely a spiritual experience. Art is totally a communication tool that breaks through almost every barrier (except perhaps physical blindness). So art can capture a moment though the end recipient of the communication may have a totally different impression and reaction to the piece of art than was meant by the artist.

Do you feel all communication is good in art when you experience the thoughts and feelings of the artist?
There are some expressions which I have seen, that I wish I never had seen and did not want to experience that situation, or point of view. Though we all have darkness in us, if the expression is meant to multiply the darkness, rather than expose it to the light, then the work can offend, defile, and be distasteful to our spirit. Some people choose dark places and want to linger there, I have no problem with expressions that are of dark things in a process of expression as a historical statement, a personal memory, or a cleansing, but when it is a place that people want to stay in – though they have the right to choose, it is not for me.

Can artistic expressions that are distasteful be a positive part of healing?
A dark expression as a part of a cleansing process can do just that – expose the darkness to the light so that it can no longer hold a person. Only those things kept in secret, dark places, can hold us captive. It is in those places that lies and deceptions get into us. These lies and deceptions hold us fast until they are brought out, or exposed, expressed, then purged, and we are cleansed at least somewhat from those things. We must realize that there is something greater than us, and full purging and cleansing cannot be done if you do not fill those cleaned out places with something more pure: truth, and light.

Is expression of a moment captured best by colour, line, form? What makes it good?
Truly I think that it is a merging together of the thoughts and feelings of the artist, the medium used the hand of the artist or the physical and technical ability, all blended together and encapsulated with the inspiration of the Creator of all things.

Has your spiritual experiences changed the way you see things?
There was a time when I could have just drawn what I “saw” with my physical eyes, but now I cannot separate the spiritual from the physical. I cannot draw only what I see with my physical eyes, but must also draw what I see with my spirit. For me all things are to, through, and for my Creator. I am a new creation, and I had artistic expression before faith, but now that has been liberated as has every other part of my life. I also have the Spirit of Truth & Life that has taken my “dead” spirit and brought life where there was none – to answer the question...how can what I see not be different than what it was?

What else has changed in your life because of this spiritual experience?
Now inside of me, there is peace where there was none, there is hope where things were hopeless There was once bitterness and strife and now there is forgiveness, mercy, and grace. For me, now I recognize the battle all humans fight is not only what is seen with natural eyes, but with things unseen in the spiritual realm. There truly is good and evil. Acknowledging something greater than me allows me to see my fellow man with the mercy, the grace, and the compassion that has been extended to me. Now I see through eyes of hope that all things can be liberated and made right before our Creator, and used for purpose far beyond anything we could imagine, my art included.

Where to Find Sheri

Mar 11, 2015

Transformation & Change Revisited

Pieces still remaining in series that travelled across Durham Region being showcased at Art With A Heart Inc. Gallery Space - 209 Dundas Street East, Lower Level Units 1 & 2, Whitby, ON, L1N 7H8 Limited hours - call 905-493-5955 or email info@artwithaheart.ca Special pricing

Feb 2, 2015

Their Opportunity Minor Sports Charity

I have a few pieces being showcased at Their Opportunity Minor Sports Charity Oshawa Head Office Location

Feb 2, 2015


Multiple pieces of art showing at BLYTH WHITBY for an indefinite period of time. Tour campus, see my art! Great school!

Feb 2, 2015

Rouge Valley Health Ajax

Show running until SPRING 2016, 2 pieces in group show at Rouge Valley Ajax Hospital. 3 pieces sold, in last two shows from 2015

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